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Rodents are a nuisance. At Rodent Control Now, we understand the problem better. We are also aware of the extent of damage rodent infestation can do to your property. When you set up a consultation with a local rodent control specialist, we will arrive at your location to gain further insight into your rodent problem. Our rat removal professionals will go into the attic or crawlspace to assess the extent of damage done to your property by rat infestation. We will inspect the exterior to identify any hidden entry points where rats are gaining easy access to your property or any potential points that could make your home an easy food haven for them. When we have all the information about rodent infestation handy, we will tailor the rodent control process to fit your home’s needs.

What does rat removal entail?

Rat infestation is a frustrating experience you don’t want to deal with. Rodent Control Now can make it easier for you to get rid of rodent infestation with our 4-step process. Our focus is on the complete elimination of infestation and the whole process may take 2-4 weeks. We also aim to come up with a plan of action to control pest infestation once and for all on your property.

The goal is to make sure no other rats are able to find their way back into your space. We offer a lifetime warranty that rodents won’t return. If you suspect rat infestation later, we will be happy to help.

Finding, Trapping and Elimination of Rats

It all begins with the identification of common entryways that rats use to enter your space. We then begin to take charge of the problem and start the process of trapping and removal of rodents from the crawlspace, attic, walls, and subfloor. Elimination is the most important step of the rodent control process.

This step involves rat trapping and removal in order to eliminate the current population responsible for the infestation. We leverage the best technology to trap rats from your property. Rodent control DIY projects alone may not lead to 100% success.

At Rodent Control Now, we believe that cutting off the food supply for rats will make your space less attractive for pests. Remember, rats are dependent on the food source and gravitating to a consistent food source.   Removing their food source and shutting their supply lines drives them to traps strategically placed throughout your home.

Closing Entryways

After trapping and eliminating rodents, the next step is to shut off all possible entry points. As rodent control specialists, we understand that rodents can easily enter your property from the ground, walls, and roof. Our professionals take this seriously and make sure all entry points are closed. We also ensure that other areas in your home that are potential entry points are also closed. The goal is to make your property unwelcoming for rodents so they do not find a way back into the crawlspace, attic, walls, and subfloors.

Quality is of prime importance when it comes to permanently exterminating rats from your attic. Our rat removal project is incomplete unless we paint the exclusion work in a way that it matches the exterior color of your property so nobody can notice it. Our rodent control experts pride themselves on the quality of exclusion work. We aim at achieving a flawless look while keeping rats out of your property.

Decontamination and Restoration

Once we are done with rodent removal, the next step is decontamination. Our work is not complete unless we sanitize the area now that we have salvaged it from rodents. Rats urinate and defecate in order to create scent trails for the rodent population to follow. They can easily proliferate and go out of control. Rodents love to sneak into holes, pipes, gutters, and a/c ductwork. If they damage the ductwork, it could become a potential health hazard. Remember, your family could be exposed to toxic fungal spores from the breakdown of rat excrement.

Rodent removal professionals are experts at removing rat excrement and closing all possible entryways into the attic. Once the rat excrement is removed, rats can no longer find a way into your property. we also ensure that rats do not find an entry point in the roof decking, shingles, or tar paper to gain access into your attic.

Our rodent control specialists focus on complete attic decontamination and fogging, which includes deodorizing the insulation and every single crack and crevice with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral cleaning agents that eliminate rat excrement and odors along with hazardous spores.

We will inspect the ductwork and cables for any damages from rat infestation. The next step in rat removal is to repair any damage to the a/c ductwork and look for signs of extensive damage to electrical wires.

Rat Removal & Control

We aim at ensuring that rats do not find a way back into the attic. While we focus on rodent control inside, rats will remain active outside. So in order to keep a check on the rodent population in your exterior space, our rodent control specialists are reputed for their rat control strategy. The focus remains on placing rodent bait stations around your abode, which use a non-transferable rodenticide to kill rats instantly. This will help keep rats out of your internal and external space.

We make sure the bait boxes are placed strategically at the right locations so you do not end up with dead rats in your yard, attic, or crawlspace.

The Rodent Control Now Advantage

If you are struggling with a rat problem, it’s time to call the rodent control experts. At Rodent Control Now, we leverage the most advanced methods to get rid of the rat problem. Our attic decontamination services are the best in the industry.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to call the rat control experts in Syracuse NY so you will never have to deal with the rat problem again.