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Rodent Control Services – A Perfect Way To Handle Pest Infestation

Rodent ControlRodents are the frequent unwelcomed guests which will stay for a longer period of time in our house. Every year, invading of the pests in the house is increasing in Syracuse NY. One of the rodents which often invade the house is the rat. Rats always seem to be cute and calm when they are in the cage. But this animal can be a menace to your residential and commercial property. Often the rodents seek shelter in the property and often cause severe damages to the property as well as spread diseases to the people in the property.

At the first glance, the mice and rat seem to be similar. But they are completely different in anatomy and character. Usually, rats are much bigger than mice and have a pointed face while the mice will have a rounder face. Hence, if you spot the animal on your property make sure to identify it properly. If you have noticed any signs of rats or spotted them in your house then it is important to act right away. Since they contaminate the food and cause severe damage you must contact the rodent control services immediately to get rid of them.

Why unaddressed rodent infestation is said to be dangerous?

There is no mistake in loving animals. But know that only growing domesticated animals are recommended. But living with wildlife animals is not advised since they can pose a problem. Even though they look adorable they are quite dangerous to humans. Here are some of the reasons why animal infestation is dangerous.

  • Potential structural damage to the property – Usually rodents will damage the property to make it their home. They will also chew up the wires which will increase the energy bills. When left unnoticed they will reproduce and the rodent family will create severe damage to the building.
  • Spread of diseases – Often the wild animals are dangerous since they carry bacteria and viruses which can cause severe health risks to humans. People can easily get sick when they come in contact with their droppings, urine, or places where they usually come into contact frequently.
  • Costlier repair – At last, you have to spend more money on the repair of the house to restore it as usual. Also, if anyone in the house is affected by diseases, then you have to cover the medical bills which will be quite expensive.

What are the signs which indicate rat infestation on the property?

  • Dark or greasy marks on the bottom of the walls. This shows the track where the rat has traveled inside the property.
  • Footprints of the rat in the wet soil or other places.
  • Broken food containers or packing that shows that they have invaded for food in the house.
  • The stinky smell inside the house from the corners indicates the presence of rats inside it.
    Unusual activity of the pets in the house. This is because your pets will discover them before you find them in the house.
  • Hearing the noises of rats or spotting them on the property.
  • Finding the rodent nest inside the property.
  • Spotting any dead rodent in the house.

What are the spots where you can find a rodent in the home?

Rodent Control One of the reasons why house owners often don’t spot the rodents in the home is because they are good at hiding themselves and staying in the dark. Usually, they will be hiding in a place that is hard to reach. Any place where the rodent can find food and shelter is the most common place where the rodents can get food and protection. You can find them near the vent opening, around the basement or attic, pantry, and in the corners of the house. Generally, the rodent will choose the place where they are undisturbed by the human movement.

Types of diseases which rats spread:

  1. Hantavirus – The main disease which spread from rodent to humans is the hantavirus. These viruses spread from the droppings of the rodents, nests, urine, dead bodies, or any other contaminants.
  2. Rat-bite fever – When infected rat bites or scratches you, then they will transfer bacteria to the body which will create severe complications that will affect the lungs, heart, and brain.
  3. Tularemia – This is also called rabbit fever or deer fly fever. This is caused by bacteria which is passed to humans through skin contact or inhaling the air which contains bacteria.
  4. Plague – The bubonic plague is caused by the bacteria which is caused by the bacteria present in the rat fleas. The disease will spread through the bite of the flea which is infected with the bacteria.
  5. Salmonellosis – This is caused by the bacteria which is found in the feces of the rat. The disease will spread through contaminated food or water.

Why should you call professional rodent control services?

If you have found a rodent infestation in the house in Syracuse NY, then it is always better to hire professional rodent removal services. At Rodent Control Now, we have a specialized team of experts who are well-experienced in removing the rodent from your property. Instead of trying to removing the rodent on your own, you can contact us to eliminate all the animals from your property. It is worth remembering that even a single animal can cause potential damage to the property. Hence make sure to remove all the animals before they reproduce and start to live as a family in your house.

Why choose Rodent Control Now for animal removal from the property?

Our professionals are highly skilled and experienced in rodent control and removal. We will provide personalized solutions for you based on the level of animal infestation in the house. Also, our team of experts will remove the rodents and take the essential steps to keep them away from the house in the future. Usually, the experts will use an effective solution to accurately solve the problem at the proper time.

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