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Signs That Indicates That There Is Raccoon Infestation In The Property

For many of the property owners, the worst thing is having an animal infestation in their area. These pests find smaller holes in the property to enter it. The pests will spread diseases and leave droppings all over the property. They will be disgusting as well as spread diseases among the people in the house. But as a positive sign, identifying the raccoon in the property is the first major step to the successful removal of the wildlife from the property in Syracuse NY. But make sure you don’t panic once you spot this big animal since your actions may frighten them and they can start attacking you as a preventive measure.

RaccoonThe day you hear some unusual sounds or animal activity, first, it is important to know which animal broke in first. Since raccoons are one of the nocturnal animals you can hear their activity in the late evening or during the night times. Raccoons usually enter the property to breed and find shelter since they wish to grow their younger ones in an area that is free from any dangers and warm. Also, you can easily find their noises since they will be different from the noises made by the other wildlife in the house. Hence, all you need is to just watch out for the signs which you may encounter on the property.

How to confirm the raccoon activity in the house?

  1. Presence of footprints–The very first common sign of the raccoon infestation is the footprint in the property. Their track will be easy to identify since it will be different from other small pests. Also, it will be quite similar to the tracks of the people. You can find their footprints near the soft soil, around the fence lines, wet soil, near the trees and the garage container or bag.
  2. Spotting animal – If you observe the raccoon in your building or garden, then it is also a sign of wildlife infestation in the area. You can easily find them near their point of entry or when they roam during the night time in the property. You can also find them near the trees since they look for certain secret locations to protect themselves.
  3. Damages in or outside the house – Sometimes, you can find the infestation before it gets severe. If the raccoon is entering the house, then you may find some visible damages in the house in the gutters, walls and vents since they will damage these while entering the house.
  4. RaccoonScratching and unusual noises – As said earlier, the raccoons are most active during the night time. Hence you can’t hear any noise during the day time. But, at night you can hear some unusual noises which is the sign of animal infestation in the house. You can hear them walking, scratching the wall or attic and any other unwanted noises indicate that there is a raccoon in the house.
  5. The smell of urine and feces in the house – When a raccoon stays in your house, then usually they will not go out much. They will eat as much as they can and snooze in the house. With the regular visit, you can find a buildup of feces and urine on the property. After some days, you can smell it in the house and definitely in the area where they usually hide.
  6. Broken tree branch connecting house – Usually, the raccoon will use the trees to reach the top of the house. Due to regular use, you can find that the branches of trees are broken or excessive leaves have fallen under the tree which indicates that the raccoon uses the tree as their pathway to the house.
  7. Nesting material – Usually, the raccoon will build a nest immediately in the property where they feel comfortable and safe. Hence, you can find the nesting materials in or around the house which is the common sign which indicates that the raccoon is building its own home on your property.
  8. Broken or empty bird feeders – The raccoons will also depend on the bird feeders for their food. Hence if you find that the bird feeder is empty or broken, then you can know that there is a raccoon in your house.
  9. Garbage invasion – If you find that your garbage bag or container is constantly invaded then you can conclude that you have a raccoon that constantly roams here. These animals usually find the trash and get the needed food from it. Even though there are many natural foods available, raccoons have a habit of getting them from the garbage. Hence if you find that the trash can is invaded then you can know that it’s because of the raccoon.

What should you do when you find the raccoon?

It’s not always easy to evade these animals on your own. Hence, just contact us at Rodent Control Now to get our raccoon removal services to eliminate them from the property. Just call 315-322-7924 today to get a perfect solution for the animal infestation in your house.