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Bat RemovalBats are nocturnal animals that prefer dark and dingy places. While they may be great for the environment, you never want these flying rats in your home, right? Once they move into a house, bats do not relocate on their own. Worst still, their droppings are not at all a pleasant sight. Even worse, they make noise from within the walls and carry diseases. So how do you get rid of these pests? Well, professional bat removal services can come to your rescue to remove bat colonies that might have made your attic their abode. Professional bat removal teams can also identify and block any easy entry points to stop bats from sneaking into your house.

A Little About Bats

Bats are not ‘flying rats’ but mammals that can soar through the air and are capable of true flight. If you study bat anatomy, you will learn that their wings are a part of their forearms and fingers. Their “ribs” are fingers for moving those digits. They feed on insects and love mosquitoes. Vampire bats are known to feed on blood.

There are different types of bats:

Big Brown Bats

Commonly found throughout the United States and Canada. They have glossy brown fur and may come in a dozen, making a large colony of big brown bats in your attic.

Little Brown Bats

A common bat breed in the northern United States, little brown bats are 4 inches long and are so small in size that equals your thumb. Hundreds of little brown bats make a sizeable colony.

Mexican Free-tailed Bats

Commonly found in the United States, Mexican free-tailed bats can infest your property in thousands. A typical colony of Mexican free-tailed bats includes thousands of pests of this breed.

Bat Removal

How To Get Rid of Bats

When bats breach your house, they can be tough to get rid of. You risk bites if you try to get rid of these flying pests on your own. Getting rid of bats is the job of experts, who have special skills, resources, and experience for bat removal. The best method of bat removal is to remove them alive without harming the pests and relocate them to a safer place.

So when you decide it’s difficult to live with bats, you do not want to take up the bat removal project on your own. Forget mothballs, aerosol sprays, or fake advertisements for ultrasonic deterrent devices. If you seek a long-term solution to the bat infestation problem, call experts. Bat removal experts utilize different techniques for the safe elimination of bats. Live trapping is the most popular method to remove these pesky creatures. Most professionals prefer to install one-way doors in the roof so the flying rats can easily exit the infested habitat, leaving no room for them to re-enter your space.

Advantages of Choosing Rodent Control Now

Rodent Control Now boasts a team of certified wildlife experts who design personalized plans to remove bats from your home. The process begins with a full assessment of bat infestation to determine the easy access points for bats. Second, the professional bat removal specialist inspect the infested site to determine the type of infestation or species. Then they tailor their bat exclusion process to remove these pests. The whole process ends with sealing the entrance points to prevent further infestation and sanitizing the area to make it safe for all residents.

Rodent Control Now is a bat removal and control specialists with the skills, expertise, and tools to remove these mammals from hard-to-reach places that they use as a roosting place. Professionals are aware of the areas that are vulnerable as bat hiding places. We can safely remove them in accordance with local laws. As state-licensed bat exterminators, we are trained to perform bat extermination from the current infestation and prevent them from coming back.

Rodent Control Now believes in safe bat removal and doesn’t recommend killing the pests because they are a form of natural pest control themselves. We follow all safety norms and humanely drop them into the wild.

For the most effective and affordable bat removal, contact licensed pest control pros that are experts at the job.