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Best Snake Removal ServicesSnakes have caused a deep-rooted fear among many homeowners and residential caretakers and the reasons are simple, they are venomous, life-threatening, and terrifying creatures. Snakes can slide through the tiniest holes and make their way into your attics, garages and cause some serious damage.

Even the other animals fear this scary hideous creature. Other animals like birds and monkeys alarm each other using special vocalizations when they see a snake. But what about us humans? We don’t have any special ability to identify the presence of snakes in our homes. So what do we do?

The best option left for you is to contact any Wildlife Removal service in your area for Snake Removal who would take care of this matter both professionally and personally.


Snake Removal from the house can be as challenging as removing rodents and keeping them away from the garden and other outdoor areas near your house can be completely impractical.

Snakes enter houses for food and shelter and sometimes find prey. They also get inside your house accidentally through floods and waters. They get stuck inside and die due to the lack of sufficient food and water so it’s better to call for help at Residential Service.

Some snakes love to build their nest in old houses. You can identify them by the presence of their skin shed. So here are some steps for Snake Removal and these steps can also help you avoid any direct contact with snakes.

Snake Removal Steps

If you find a snake near your house, we recommend you take all the necessary precautions possible to keep your family safe from any fatal injuries.

  • Do not disturb the snake and remain calm so that the snake does not go back to hide again.
  • Open the doors carefully while using a broom and gently herd it outside.
  • In case the snake is small or is setting in a small place and is reluctant to move, slowly put an empty bucket over the snake and add some weight to it until some professional wildlife removal team arrives.
  • Use a snake trap to catch the snake safely. Never use a glue-based trap while you are outdoors because it catches other small critters and barely works.Snake Removal
  • If you have tried all the above methods and still unable to remove the snake, then try to trap the snake into a corner of the room with some barriers made of boards and boxes, so that it’s easy to capture when the Snake Removal team arrives.

There are some cases where you suspect the presence of a snake in your house but can’t find the right location. So for that scenario, know that snakes are cold-blooded creatures and they like warmth and dark places. Moreover, they want something to keep them warm like heating pads, burlap piles, or some other unwanted material.

Some people are not afraid of snakes and prefer to take the matter into their own hands. We recommend you use some gloves, and gently pick up the snake and then relocate outside without harming them.

Humane Way To Snake-Proof Your Home

Snakes usually enter the houses through the ground through tiny holes and cracks. If you suspect activity in your house or you want to make your home snake-proof without harming them in a humane way, then you can follow these steps on your own.

  • Check the foundations closely and inspect for any unsealed wire or pipe, basement, windows or conduits, doors that have some openings and seal them immediately. This method can also prevent rodents. Check out for any openings near the ground. Always remember the type of snake you have found, what size, what color, and whether it was big enough for the head to enter the opening space.
  • Snakes are excellent climbers. They can easily crawl onto the shrubs, trees, walls, chimneys, and other places. So please make sure to check any open spaces, eaves, and roofs. Carefully inspect the concrete porches, stairs, and decks.
  • Once you have completed the exterior inspection and other openings, figure out the most possible entry point of the snake.
  • Seal all the open spaces except the possible entry point and make a one-way door.

DIY Ways For Snake Removal

Pet foods and garbage that is left outside in the open attract unnecessary parasites, rodents, and then venomous snakes. There are some other DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ways to get rid of snakes and they are :


If you sense the presence of snakes in your house, then there is a reason for that. Either your house is in an area where snakes live or your property has some features that attract snakes.

Usually, the collection of debris is what brings the snakes into your houses. So it’s very important to be aware of the situation before it harms any member of your house.

Snakes are drawn to safe places under the rocks, sidewalk, shed, plywood, or anywhere where there are less sunlight and more warmth.

Make sure to remove the hiding places that you suspect both for snakes and prey including :

  • Piles of wood, leaves, twigs, bushes, rocks, and other types of debris
  • Tall overgrown grasses and undergrowth
  • Concrete porch cracks and sidewalk holes
  • Storage sheds and garages with underground spaces


You can consult our Resident Service and wildlife management team for the best repellents. There are various types of repellents available commercially in the market for snakes that include sisal rope and sulfur.

Snake Removal

However, there’s no guarantee that they would be as effective as calling a professional Wildlife Removal team for Snake Removal without harming them. Repellents could work against predator scents like kingsnake musk or mongoose urine and these aren’t even available in the market sometimes. Our Rodent Control team in Syracuse has access to such materials and can work more efficiently.

Most repellents are made of naphthalene (also goes by the name mothball flakes) which has not been very effective against snakes and poison the environment. Do not use anything containing sulfur or coyote urine either.

Thus we recommend you either lay a trap for them or approach a professional. Professionals at Rodent Control Now are best when it comes to Snake Removal services. Call our rodent control specialists at 315-322-7924 and get help immediately.