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Frequently Asked Questions About Raccoon Removal

1. What are raccoons and when can I find them?

Raccoons are short mammals that are rarely seen during the daytime since they are a nocturnal animals. Raccoons are mostly active in the late evening or during the night time, hence you can find them during this period of time.

2. Do raccoons be a good pet in my house?

RaccoonIt is worthy to remember that the raccoons are a type of wild animal and are generally not domesticated. We do not encourage people to grow the raccoons as their pet in the house since it is always not recommended to have a wild animal as your pet. Since they can always cause trouble for you, it is better if you don’t care for them as your pet. Even if you raise them from their younger age, they can attack or bite you at any time

3. Why do raccoons pick my house?

Usually, wildlife animals like raccoons choose a house based on the exterior, food availability, and protection. Once they think that your house is safe for them then they will choose a place to sleep and raise their younger ones on your property.

4. Will the raccoons attack humans in the house?

Usually, the raccoons will not attack the people in the house. But during the breeding and baby season, the mother raccoon will feel threatened when you get close to them or the babies. This will provoke them which will make them attack you. Hence we always recommend you to call the professionals immediately when you spot the raccoon.

5. What damages will the raccoon cause to the property?

Raccoon will cause both contamination and structural damage. They will damage the building by scratching, water lines, gutter, wall and tear the drains. They will also destroy the insulation, invade the garbage bag or container and cause many other damages to the property. Since a raccoon is a dangerous animal that can damage all the things in the house it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

6. Will raccoons spread diseases?

It is rare that raccoons will spread the diseases to the pet and individuals in the house. But some raccoons do carry bacteria that can infect anyone in the family. Most of the time their urine and feces are the main reason why people get sick.

7. Why should I get rid of the raccoons on the property?

Raccoons usually create a mess when you allow them to stay in your house. They will not only make the property dirty but will also create damages to it and possibly spread the diseases. Once they find that your house is safe for them, then they will regularly visit the house. They will create structural damages in the house, mate and grow their younger ones, fight with other animals, tear up everything in the house and make unusual noises in the house. Hence to avoid damages to the property and keep your family healthy it is important to get rid of them.

8. When should I hire professional raccoon removal services?

Immediately after spotting the raccoon or signs of a raccoon infestation in the house, it is important to hire professional raccoon removal services before they damage the property severely. You can also hire our services in emergency situations so that our experts will handle them for you.

9. Can I solve the raccoon infestation on my own?

It is always not advisable to handle the wildlife infestation on your own. Even though it may seem to save you money, you have to put a lot of effort and time into capturing all the animals from the property. In this case, the raccoon may damage the property severely or you may miss capturing one of them which will still create a problem for you. Hence it is always recommended to hire professional raccoon removal services to remove all the animals and to restore the property.

10. Will you help in removing the dead raccoon from the building?

RaccoonYes, our professionals from Rodent Control Now we reach your property with all the safety tools and equipment to remove the dead raccoon from your property. If you only realize that there is a foul smell in the house and couldn’t find any dead animal, then you can hire our services. The expert team will reach your place and carefully inspect the house to find the dead animal.

11. What if I found an injured or baby raccoon on my property?

If you find the injured raccoon or baby animal in any area of the house, then you must immediately contact the professionals. They will help in safely removing the animal with the utmost care. In this way, we will ensure that no harm will happen to the injured or baby raccoon.

12. Will you effectively remove the raccoon from our house?

Our expert team will first inspect the house properly to find the level of infestation. After that, they will provide a customized solution based on the infestation to effectively remove the raccoon from the house. We will ensure to remove all the animals and take the necessary steps to keep them away from returning.

13. Will you kill the captured animals?

It is important to understand that killing the animals is not a perfect solution nor an effective way to get rid of the animals from the property. Hence humanely we will not kill any animal which is captured. Instead, we will relocate the captured animal to a different location safely where they can lead a good life.

14. How much does the raccoon removal services cost?

If you are confused about the cost of the services, then know that each type of infestation will be different. Hence the cost of the raccoon removal services will differ based on the animal infestation in your house. But we at Rodent Removal Now offer the services at an affordable cost which will not affect your budget.