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Dead Animal Removal in Syracuse NY

Finding a dead animal in your property is not a pleasant experience. If an animal dies in the attic or walls, you need the services of pest control professionals. Rodent Control Now is a professional in the business of pest control. This includes dead animal removal in Syracuse NY. We are professionally trained dead animal removal experts who help homeowners get rid of carcasses of rodents from their attic or walls.

dead_animal_removalWhat is Our Specialization in Animal Removal

Nobody can stand the smell of a dead animal, right? At Rodent Control Now, we remove all types of animal infestations from your property. This includes dead animals too. Some of the commonly found animals in New York homes include rats, squirrels, raccoons, mice, and skunks. A dead animal stinks. Worst still, there is a risk of disease and contamination. Not only this, there is a risk of further pest infestation when carcases are left stuck in homes or yards. Of course, as a homeowner, you detest the sight or very thought of a dead animal at home. 

If you suspect that there is a dead animal in your attic but are not sure, let the Rodent Control Now professionals come to your rescue. As specialists in rodent and dead animal removal in Syracuse NY, we can purge your space of pests, rodents, and their carcases.

We explore the attic and crawlspace to locate and remove any dead animal or carcass from your property. The dead animal removal process can be complicated if the decomposing carcass is hidden in a wall void. But no matter how challenging the job is, this does not deter us from doing our best. Our rodent control specialists leverage cutting-edge technology to locate the animal. While homeowners cannot tolerate the odor of a decaying animal, we can sense their existence from smell. We are used to the scents and can get things going for you hassle free so you do not have to worry about the odor.

Signs of a Dead Animal

When animals or rodents infesting your property die, their carcass is more likely to smell musty. But since you are not experts in animal removal, it is best to move fast and seek professional help if you sense suspicious smell. As animal removal experts, we have decades of experience dealing with pest and rodent infestations. We understand animal behavior. Our professionals know that dead species are often stuck inside the insulation because most animals tend to sneak into a dry space away from weather elements or predators to spend their last days.

Typical locations where we find animal carcass include:

  • Yards
  • Attic
  • Walls
  • Floating in Pools
  • Crawlspace
  • Under porches or floorboards

Some homeowners panic at the thought of rodent infestation in their homes and set traps to catch them. However, remember, toxic baits are more likely to result in the death of animals in hidden or unreachable places.

Rodent Control Now professionals specialize in dead animal removal in Syracuse NY. We leverage a pet-safe odor eliminator to eliminate the smell of decaying animals. Although we are able to locate the source of dead animals, if we can’t due to a hidden location, we use disinfectants, germicides, aerosols, and foggers to cover the smell. 

If left unattended, a dead animal poses a health hazard due to contamination of the soil and water. Decaying carcases also pose a risk of disease to property residents who come into contact with undisposed bodies of animals, which are harmful to pets.

As animal removal specialists, we take our job seriously. Our professional exclusion services include:

  • Adding mesh to chimneys
  • Sealing cracks with caulk
  • Debris removal from yards
  • Trimming tree branches 
  • Cleaning the attic

Our job is not complete until all entry points are closed or sealed.

Never attempt a DIY dead animal removal. There is a risk of disease and illness if handled improperly.  The lingering odor can make you sick. If the carcass is believed to be inside the drywall, our Rodent Control Now pros will drill quarter size holes to confirm the carcass presence. Once confirmed, we will cut a bigger hole to remove the specimen. The task of dead animal removal in Syracuse NY does not end until the area is decontaminated and deodorized. 

Call in the experts today to thoroughly examine your property from top to bottom to identify the source of the problem. Our experts know how to identify the type of animal infestation you are dealing with. We will also customize the animal removal plan to cater to your property’s unique design and plan.