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Why do we need the removal of fox infestation?

fox removalDo you remember the news of three people testing rabies-positive after being attacked by a fox in Onondaga County? Fox attacks in residential and commercial areas are common in Syracuse. Foxes are generally found in open countries and farmlands. However, they have slowly started residing in urban areas too. There has been a massive increase in building constructions to accommodate the growing population. As a result, these animals are losing their natural habitations.

These ferocious animals eat rabbits, insects, fruits, poultry animals, and mice. They even kill baby farm animals. Besides, they are known to chase even the smallest mouse and scavenge the prey of other predators.   

Do you know that foxes are the largest carriers of rabies on the United States’ west coasts? Though they are not man-eaters, they can kill pets and small animals easily. Besides, they are quite mischievous and most of the time, you will not be able to know their presence. 

So, fox removal is a matter of concern for any homeowner. From killing innocent animals to spreading deadly diseases, these predators can cause a lot of problems.

Importance of Professional Help in Removal of Fox Infestation:

Many people think that foxes can be easily frightened away. It’s wrong and even if they leave a space for a moment, it’s a temporary solution. These ferocious animals can quickly adapt to noises and they are now familiar with full-fledged city life. So, flashes of strong light and repetitive sound do not make them scared these days.

According to the regulatory bodies, you can use some fumigants and toxins to control the foxes. But, being inexperienced in charging the doses, you may cause harm to the animals. This is not desired at all. They may be causing harm to your property, but we need to be humane in getting rid of them. Here comes the importance of a professional service. The experts will successfully rehabilitate the animals after the removal service is completed.

The most budget-friendly method of fox removal is trapping. But, this is not possible without the help of professionals. The foxes are wild and they may harm you out of panic. Besides, it is essential to abide by animal control regulations while performing the task.

Why is Rodent Control Now the Best in Removal of Fox Infestation?

We can help you get rid of the harmful foxes most safely. At Rodent Control, we understand that rodent attacks can happen in both residential and commercial places. We are fortunate to have a host of certified wildlife specialists, animal control officers, and anti-cruelty personnel  with us in this endeavor. We not only take care of your property but also keep the safety of all animals in mind while rendering removal services.