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A Little About Hog

Wild Hogs are very dangerous and extremely nuisance animals for your property. They damage agricultural sites over $1.5 billion each year. Wild hogs are now found in more than 40 states. In North America they were originally brought in the 16th century.

Your lawn can be damaged by hogs and also be dangerous for you and your domestic pets, so it’s very important to have hogs trapped and removed from your property, before they do more damage. Rodent Control Now can provide professional wild hog control, trapping, tracking, and removal services to you.

Reasons for Wild Hog Removal Services

Hogs are dangerous

Don’t try to chase a hog, these animals have sharp teeth and they are known to attack your pets or livestock. Also they have sharp tusks that can damage your flesh. They are omnivores, they can eat both animals and vegetables as their food. If you see hogs on your property, call Rodent Control Now for help. We have professionals for you to help remove them from your property.

They can damage your property

Wild hogs dig holes in your gardens and lawns for searching their food in the ground. They search for insects, small grubs, worms and roots. After digging they may leave, but they can come back later and dig again for more food.

Hogs carry diseases

Diseases carried by hogs can be shared with your pets and can be very dangerous for you and livestocks. You have to protect yourself first, also your pets and livestocks. If you see them, don’t wait to call us for help.

Ways to Detect Hog Problem

  • If you have free space in your property like- gardens, lawns you may have faced hog problems.
  • If you see overturned garbage cans, and contents scattered, you may have a problem with hogs.
  • If you see hogs near your office or your property, they are always searching for food.

How We Removes Wild Hogs

Trapping hogs is the best way to remove them

We have many different ways to remove hogs from your property. Mostly we use hog traps, because we don’t want to hurt wildlife animals by shooting and also it’s not allowed. If hogs are shy to trap, then we have specialists and they can help us to capture the wild hogs.

After trapped and removed, Hog Control Services

Our team will evaluate your property after removing hogs from your property and give you an estimate of the Hog Control Services. So call us today if you have hogs problems in your area.

How long will it take to trap Hogs?

Rodent Control Now is always active in resolving your hog problem in the most efficient manner, however it varies to resolve the problem in the length of time. Session is different for each hog trapping. There are multiple points to be considered which affect how long it takes to trap and remove hogs from your property.

When you face hog problems we recommend calling a professional. This is the best thing because by this way we provide you tons of benefits. Rodent Control Now will make sure everything is up to the high standards and we ensure you that you will never face the problems again.