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Opossums are not rodents but marsupials, and they can be found all over North America. It is the most significant type of marsupial in North America. Opossums give birth to their young very early in the gestation period, and babies find their way into pockets that the mother carries and where they mature. They are usually nocturnal, and at night, they can be seen around the garbage cans when their eyes are lit by the cars’ headlights. Although possums have a relatively spooky face and look like rats with their long tails, they are generally not dangerous. Also, they rarely carry rabies, which is of particular concern to pet owners. Even if they bite to defend themselves, they are not considered a threat.

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Signs of infestation

Much like raccoons, opossums have opposable thumbs, which help them search for food, as they are ready to open trash cans and find their way around patios, attics, and other places that provide shelter. Besides their actual sighting in your attic, basement, or yard, you may also recognize their presence by certain signs they leave behind. When looking for such signs of possum damage, you may want to consider:

  • Bins, flower pots, compost, and stolen bird feeders;
  • The stolen fruits and berries;
  • The henhouses examined (stolen eggs or chickens);
  • Torn or chewed cables;
  • Niches in the attic, basement, or other crawl spaces;
  • The tracks and droppings of possums

If you notice these signs on your property, it’s time to take action against these intruders. The first thing you need to do to drive possums off your property is to establish what attracts them here, first, and then remove those attractants.

Since they are scavengers, opossums invade your garden for food and shelter. Because they are very resourceful creatures, they can eat any type of plants or animals available, just about anything. They may find your garden attractive to them.

Diseases Transmitted By Opossums

Few diseases are associated with the opossum. Rabies is generally less common than in wild dogs and other pests, but it could carry the following diseases:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Recurrent Fever
  • Tularemia
  • Exanthemous Fever
  • Toxoplasmosis

These diseases can become severe, and many of them can be caused by parasites in the opossum.

Property Damage Caused By the Opossum

Possums are very opportunistic. If there is already a hole in the roof, they may use it to get into the attic, but they will rarely dig or chip away at those holes themselves. They might burrow in your lawn, looking for grubs and other insects that are lurking just below surface level.

How to Get Rid of an Opossum?

Opossum Removal methods may vary, with the common use of opossum repellants, fencing, and traps.

Opossum Removal Repellants

There are numerous products on the market that are designed to repel these creatures. However, these generally offer little relief. Other opossum control methods include motion-activated sprinkler systems, which can scare and scare off the creatures.


Trapping opossum is another standard method of controlling opossum. Knowing how to catch opossum isn’t as tricky as doing once you’ve caught it. This usually requires relocation by an authorized wildlife expert in most areas.

Killing these animals should be avoided; it is often not allowed in most states. Even so, it’s pretty easy to catch them in a box or cage-like trap. Traps should be approximately 10 by 12 by 32 inches. Set the traps along paths and well-known travel routes and give them fruits such as overripe melons, grapes, or bananas.


The erection of wire mesh or electric fences are sometimes used for Opossum Removal. Fencing garden areas should be at least three feet high, with the top foot or so pointing outward from the garden so that they cannot climb over it. Adding electric fences over the top can also help.

Opossums either live near swamps or streams. Sometimes they move into attics and garages. They eat almost everything from dead animal insects, fruit to grains, garbage, and food to animals. But, how to get rid of them? The experts at Rodent Control take the extra step of educating clients on habitat modification, which is the most humane long-term solution for managing opossum and other large pest vertebrates. The experts of Rodent Control do Opossum Removal by eradicating your possum problem, implement opossum control plans, and help you get rid of the opossum!

Our highly trained pest control professionals will spot the possum hiding spots and arrange for their disposal. We use the latest and most humane methods to safely dispose of them.

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