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Rat Removal: How To Get Rid of Rodents

So you are here for professional rat removal help, right? Well, rodents, especially rats and mice, are a common problem in urban areas. Unfortunately, rodents sneak into attic, houses, windows, and walls and are tough to get rid of. Sadly, your home is a haven for rodents, where they can easily scavenge for food. Worst still, they enter the kitchen and chew on pipes and electrical cables, posing a fire hazard. Even statistics reveal that 1 out of 3 fire incidents in homes caused by faulty wiring damaged by rats and mice.

What’s even worst, rats reproduce quickly and can easily fill your haven with thousands of droppings. This poses a high risk of disease. Therefore, it is in your best interest to look for rat removal in Syracuse NY professional for the job. Rodent Control Now specializes in rat removal.

How to get rid of rats

Rat infestation is a nuisance that you want to avoid at any cost because rats carry diseases. Not to mention, rodents can cause extensive damage to your property.

  1. Warning signs of the rat problem

Now how do you find that you have a rat problem at home?

Well, if you can spot rat droppings or evidence of gnawing, smell a musky scent, hear squeaking sounds in walls, or find rat tracks, there is probably a rat infestation in the attic. Now that you know you have a rat problem, would you want to wait or take immediate action for rat removal in Syracuse NY?

  1. Look for easy entry points

Does your home need repair? If there are holes in walls or flooring, it might be an easy entryway for rodents. Controlling a rat problem requires sealing up those holes first to limit their access to your home. Their teeth can turn a tiny mole into a big hole that makes for an easy entry point into your abode. Besides, you want to make your home an unwelcome site for rodents so it might help to keep lids on trash cans, keep food and eatables away from sight, and eliminate outdoor sources of water.

  1. Block climbing spots for effective rat removal

The most common irritant among rodents is the roof rat or black rat, which is an excellent climber and will use its climbing skills to find an easy entry into your home. Any tree branches touching your roofline may make your home an easy target. So it would help to trim those branches back 4 feet so they do not touch the utility cables. You may also want to remove vines from the walls. Tree guards made with plastic or metal are easy to secure to the tree trunk, which may prevent rats from climbing.

  1. Prevent them from tunneling under your home

When you close all entry points that rodents use to climb up, they may try to tunnel below it. You do not want that to happen. So before beginning with your rat removal project, you want to limit this type of access to rodents. It is a good idea to lay a bed of paving stones away from the wall of your home. Rodents always look for easy entryways.  The farther they have to tunnel, the higher the chances of them giving up. Keeping a wide, mowed area is one way to prevent rats from entering your abode. Remember, rodents hate covering a large open space where they cannot hide.

  1. Block food supply for rat removal

You do not want your home to become a den for rats. Remember, they are more likely to be frequent visitors if they have easy access to food. Make sure they do not get what they want, and they are more likely to stay away from your abode.

  1. Pick the right rat removal method

There is a right and wrong way to kill rats. Of course, there is a lethal and non-lethal rat removal method. Different states have different rules about rat removal. So it is best to consult with a professional rat extermination service to find the most effective method to get rid of the rodent nuisance once and for all.

Why Choose Us for Rat Removal in Syracuse NY

Due to the risks of rat infestation, Rodent Control Now is committed to helping homeowners resolve the rat infestation problem permanently. Our rodent control team comprises specialists who are dedicated to solving the problem of infestation in the most ethical way. We believe in breaking the conventional rat removal methods and focus on eradicating rat infection in your abode.

With decades of pest control experience, we deal with each rat infestation problem head-on, giving you a guarantee to purge your property of rodents.

We have developed a rat control process to resolve the rodent infestation problem and nip it in the bud. The goal is to ensure that you never have to face the problem again. Instead of laying rat traps or throwing a handful of rat poison in every nook and cranny, we believe in decontaminating your property’s most vulnerable areas affected by rat infestation. Our rodent control process is based on not only eliminating the infestation from your abode but also drafting a plan to control the problem in the future.

The Rodent Control Now Advantage

Our Syracuse NY rat removal experts are trained in every aspect of rat behavior. We come up with rodent removal solutions that give you the most effective yet quickest results. It all begins with a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your property. The goal is to inspect every nook and cranny for signs of infestation.

First, we aim to find how rodents are sneaking in. This helps us identify the most vulnerable points of access and seal those areas to nip the problem in the bud. We believe that it is futile to trap them until these easy entry points are sealed. Second, once the sealing step is complete, the next rat removal in Syracuse NY step is to trap and remove rodents from your home.

We leverage cutting-edge tools and methods for rat removal. What’s more, our pest control specialists follow safe rodent removal procedures. The idea is to ensure the elimination of rats from your home without causing any harm to kids and pets.

Third, our job is incomplete unless we destroy any organic matter and deodorize the infested space. Fourth, you can expect our Syracuse NY rat removal professionals to repair the damages to electrical wires, pipes, and ductwork and grade them. This is meant to ensure that rodents cannot chew on them. Our professional approach is backed by a written guarantee against any future rodent infestation.

So if you have a rodent problem at home, it’s time to call the rat removal expert, we will get one of our local specialists to help you rid you of these rodents..