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Armadillo Removal Services

Armadillo are known for their unique digging and burrowing habits. They are known as pest species for those habits. Usually they are found in the southern United States. They eat ants, worms, and termites by digging your garden.

Armadillos that are nine-banded can bother your yard or living area. Because, normally trapping armadillos is very difficult. They grab and eat some harmful insects. But problems start when they come to your property and dig some place for searching food and for their living. After digging holes in your garden then this will be very costly to repair.

So, we Rodent Control Now have developed some solutions to resolve all the issues with Armadillos. Before they do more damage to your property, call us for remedy.

armadillo_removalHow to Get Rid of Armadillos?

There are some ways to get rid of it. When armadillos are seen on your property, understanding their habits is important to stop damage to your yard or garden. Because they cause damage to tree roots, garden, structures e.t.c. So it’s very important to trap them and relocate elsewhere to stop more damage.

There are 4 ways to get rid of armadillos:

  • Identifying the damage area: 

AT first you need to reduce the attractiveness of your property. Because most of the time armadillos are looking for food. So for this we need to create a space that is unwelcoming for them.

Armadillos are the most destructive animals when they dig holes to build their burrows or for food. When the danger zones are identified we will try to apply our best control methods. So Identifying the damaged area is most important for getting rid of armadillos.

  • Armadillo repellent:

When the damaged area is identified it’s time to apply repellants on the area. Repellents are easy to handle and quite effective also. For keeping the pest away from your yard, repellents are best to use. We use organic repellent because we do not want to harm any animal.

  • Armadillo traps installing:

First step for placing the armadillo traps is to select the location. This is the most important part, as it will determine whether the result is successful or not. We have expertise like that they are professional for the placement. It will also ensure how quickly the armadillo is captured. We place the trap in the evening, because they are nocturnal.

  • Call Us and ask for help:

When you face this type of situation we recommend calling a professional. This is the best thing because by this way we provide you tons of benefits. Rodent Control Now will make sure everything is up to the high standards and we ensure you that you will never face the problems again.

Rodent Control Now is an armadillo removal and control specialist with the skills, expertise, and tools to remove these mammals from hard-to-reach places that they use as a roosting place. Professionals are aware of the areas that are vulnerable as bat hiding places. We can safely remove them by local laws.

For the most effective and affordable armadillo removal, contact licensed pest control pros that are experts at the job.