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Bird Removal Services

Bird RemovalWelcome to Rodent Control. We can provide Bird Removal services in Syracuse, NY. If you faced any problem that was caused by a bird in your house or property then we are here to resolve the problem.

Birds make their nest in your home and make places dirty that need to be clean. When new birds are born they make noise. So if you notice this type of problem, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We have the expertise to solve those issues.

We are providing some services regarding Bird Removal. The services are:

  • Bird Droppings in your house
  • Birds in Kitchen
  • Birds in Air Conditioning Vent 
  • Birds in Bathroom
  • Birds in Dryer

Birds are one kind of dirty animal, so never be fooled by bird beauty. They carry more than sixty different diseases. Bird Flu is the most common one. Lice and Mites are also carried by them. So Birds should be removed from your house and Insecticide and Disinfectant needs to be sprayed to remove the disease.

There are some most common birds that are seen in Syracuse, NY. Pigeons, Crows, Doves, Sparrows, Hummingbirds, Swallows, Blackbirds, and Mockingbirds.


Pigeons are well known for their color. They look beautiful for their cute appearance. But they can be very dirty to your Syracuse home or apartment. The pigeons are used as messengers. Also, they are used for races.


In the category of aggressive & intelligent birds, Crows are one of them. They are adaptable and well known for making property dirty and damaging crops. But, by the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, they are under protection.

Crows and Pigeons become more aggressive over time if they are not put down shortly. The nest on your house, their dropping feces on the surfaces must need to be put down shortly. If you see crows and pigeons on your property, it is better that don’t scare them. Immediately call us for an expert to resolve your problem. Our team consists of some well-experienced exterminators and bird control specialists who will help you solve this issue strategically.


They are very adaptable in city life. For this a very large quantity of food and making their nest in the house is easy. It is about 8” long and they have long wings. Also, they have a short tail. Starlings are muscular-type birds. They are very aggressive by nature. They drive out local birds from their nests. They have a habit called flocking. When they gather in a populated area they make the place dirty.

There are also some other types of birds that create their nests on your property. Also, some birds look different on your property. So for removing the birds from your property give us a call today.

Bird Removal

Some Signs of Bird Problem

Birds that are around your property can be easily spotted.  But there are some signs that you can identify the problem by this:

  1. Droppings on the furniture of garden
  2. Droppings on the railings
  3. Droppings on the edges of the building
  4. Noises that are coming from outside of the windows
  5. A huge number of crows or pigeons are around your house.

How does it work?

In Rodent Control, we have some expert people for keeping an eye on the issue of Bird control. They always monitor their behavior in Syracuse, NY. Day by day the number of birds in our sites is parallelly increased. Six years is a lifetime for pigeons, however twenty years for a crow.

We have some special methods for controlling birds in our area and we ensure your safety from the disease that is occurred by those birds.

How do we resolve the issue?

Firstly we are looking to identify the problem, which type of birds it is, and what is the habits of the birds. Then we totally changed your property environment and tried to change the birds’ habits in the house.

At least, we protect your house from future problems that will be caused by birds. The Rodent Control Team will monitor the problem continues to make sure that the steps we take to resolve the issue are finally solving your bird problem.


Bird problems are very common nowadays. So if you are faced with the above problems, please feel free to call us at RODENT CONTROL. Our Professional will shortly reach your house and resolve your issue.