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Squirrel In-House Signs

No doubt, they look cute but squirrels are naughty rodents that you don’t want to see in your attic. Rodent Control Now has decades of experience in animal control in Syracuse NY homes. Like us, you, too, find squirrels as one of the cutest rodents around, but they become trouble makers soon. While they roam around the house, they look cute, but as soon as they sneak into the attic or insulation, they are trouble mongers. They can make life extra tough for homeowners. Squirrel problem becomes serious when they introduce salmonella in your food or physically damage your home. Luckily, Rodent Control Now knows what the common squirrel in-house signs are and how to deal with these little trouble makers. 

squirrel_problem_signsWhat are the Signs of Squirrel Infestation?

Our experience in animal control has introduced us to different rodents that make their way into New York homes and businesses. We understand that these tiny creatures can wreak havoc in your attic even though they are not destructive in the yard. But you should not attempt a DIY squirrel removal in Syracuse NY. Local pest control professionals have the experience of handling squirrels and are experts in animal removal.

Here are the common signs of squirrel problem. 

  1. Strange noises in the attic

You may observe strange scampering or scurrying sounds from the walls or attic. If you try to observe closely, you may notice a small chew along the broken roof vent. That means there is animal infestation in your property. You may notice similar squirrel in-house signs in the roof boards. Sometimes the sound could be in the form of persistent scratching and chewing. Remember, squirrels constantly chew on things to keep their teeth from overgrowing so the weird sound might be constant.

  1. Squirrel Droppings

Squirrel’s feces are similar to that of a bat. The most common sign of squirrel infestation is their waste in one area that they use as their main entry point. That means you may spot squirrel droppings in the garage or attic. Unfortunately, there is a risk of salmonella from the bacteria in animal urine and feces.  Avoid coming into contact with animal droppings. Such squirrel in-house signs means you need professional help. Call the wildlife professionals at Rodent Control Now. 

  1. Chew Signs

Squirrels are constantly foraging around for materials to build nests. So you can easily spot signs of wire damage or damaged support beams in the attic. Squirrels can do a lot of damage. Some obvious signs of damage to look for include chew marks on outer panels, holes in shingles, roofline damage, damage to feeders, ripped open garbage bags, chewed bark on young plants, signs of chew on patio furniture. 

Electrical cable damages can be very dangerous. Be careful and call professional wildlife removal experts. 

  1. Footprints

Another common sign of squirrel problem is their tracks. You may see squirrel footprints on the deck or driveway. If you suspect squirrel infestation but are not sure, place a piece of cardboard dusted with flour at their suspected dwelling point. In case of infestation, squirrels will leave their footprints on the board.

  1. Foul smell

Some squirrels may die in the attic. If the mother squirrel dies, their babies cannot fend for themselves, especially when nesting in your attic. Eventually they may find themselves stuck and die. Dead squirrels will start to decay, and this results in a terrible odor. Professional squirrel removal in Syracuse NY can help you get rid of this unpleasant smell.

  1. Acorns

While raw acorns might be toxic to humans, it is no secret that squirrels love them. in fact, they feed on acorns that they continue to gather during the summer season for winter storage. So if you notice acorns in your abode, this is a sure-shot sign of squirrel infestation. Call squirrel removal experts immediately to inspect the area and remove these naughty rodents. 

  1. Water damage signs

If you spot water spots on the roof or ceiling, it could be a squirrel-in house sign. Worst still, it could be a buildup of urine from animal infestation in the walls or attic. 

If squirrels have made your home their abode, you can expect a lot of damage because the longer they hide in your attic or roof, the higher the chances of substantial damage. Squirrel infestation requires professional animal removal services.

Rodent Control NOW is a name to be reckoned with in the pest control industry. Get in touch with us today to get rid of the squirrel problem instead of attempting a DIY squirrel removal project. We are just a call away. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to purge your abode off these pesky rodents.