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Rodent Control: Most Common Rodents

If you do not like the sight of destructive rodents in your abode, you might not find them as cuddly creatures. Rodent infestation can cause significant damage and disease. New York state is teeming with wildlife, and if you spot a critter in your Syracuse home, this should come as no surprise. This sounds alarm bells about a rodent infestation too. You need the services of Rodent Control NOW professionals, who are experts at handling rodent infestations to help property owners get rid of rats.

Destructive rodents use their two long front teeth to find food and water. These disease-carrying pests are always on the lookout for a warm place to hide. That includes your abode. They will make way into your residence easily, irrespective of its size. Rodents can easily fit through tiny holes and do maximum damage slowly when they enter your abode and chew through cables, insulation, wood, and pipes. Not to mention, they carry disease and rat infestation can make residents prone to asthma.

Rat Control: Common Signs of Infestation

  • If you spot a live rat or dead rodent, it’s a sign that your home has a rat infestation or is a potential for the problem.
  • The presence of rat droppings is another sign of infestation. Fresh droppings are moist and soft. If they are hard, it is a sign of old dried droppings.
  • Damaged goods, gnaw marks, or greasy rub marks indicate rat infestation. Smudge marks are common. If you spot such marks on pipes, beams, walls, or rafters, it could be a sign of infestation.
  • Gnawing is another common sign of rat infestation. You may spot gnaw signs on doors, stored materials, in ledges, or in corners. If you spot fresh accumulations of wood shavings, it is a sign of active infestation.
  • Sounds such as gnawing is one of the most common signs of a rat problem. Other sounds, such as squeaks, clawing, or climbing in walls, indicate rat infestation.

New York rats contaminate foodstuffs. If you have pets at home, rodents are more likely to contaminate their food. Even worse, they do extensive damage to food containers. They can do immense structural damage. Some of the most common habits of rodents is burrowing and gnawing. As a result, they cause significant damage to building foundations and slabs.

One of the most common rodent infestation problem is that they gnaw on electrical cables or water pipes. They damage structures further by gnawing through ceilings, roofs, window sills, doors, and floors. Significant damage to insulated systems could result from rat burrowing and nesting in walls.

Types of Common Rodents in Syracuse NY

The unique New York climate exposes it to hot summers and cold winters, which contributes to animal abundance in the state. Having a wild rodent in your home is not at all an enjoyable sight. Rodents can cause all sorts of problems, from chewing electrical cables to creating fire hazards, leaving droppings here and there. Truly, Rodent Control Now believes that wild rodents do not belong to your home but outdoors.

As rat removal experts in Syracuse NY, we’ve come across some of the wildest creatures finding haven inside homes. Sadly, these rodents find their way into a majority of New York homes easily. But as rodent removal pros, we understand what attracts rodents to your property. We also know where they are most likely to proliferate.

House Mouse

Our rodent removal team finds house mouse as one of the most common rodents in Syracuse NY homes. They are 5 and 7 inches long, but can make their way into tiny holes to enter your abode. If you spot a mouse in your kitchen or attic, it is most likely a house mouse. Some of its physical characteristics include thin tail, pointed nose, and black beady eyes with a white belly. Rodent removal Syracuse NY professionals use the best technology to remove these critters from your home.

Deer Mouse

Our rodent removal team finds deer mouse as another commonly found rodent in barns or sheds. Usually 5 and 8 inches long, the brown-colored deer mice with a yellowish-brown belly can easily make its way into tiny holes to fit into your abode.

Norway Rat

One of the most commonly found rodents in Syracuse NY, Norway rats are some of the smallest New York rats that like to burrow to sneak into woodpiles or pallets. Norway rats are 7 and 9.5 inches long. They have small ears, thick long tails, round nose, and black beady eyes. Norway rats can squeeze themselves into tiny gaps or cracks about the size of a quarter.

Roof Rat

A look-alike of the Norway rat, roof rat or black rat is the smaller of the two. Also known as ship rats, they are most commonly traced in the upper parts of buildings. These rats do extensive damage to property by gnawing through materials. Roof rats are known to contaminate stored food and are carriers of dangerous diseases. They have an excellent ability to climb and this has earned them the name “roof rat.”

This rat specifies is found anywhere with food. They usually travel in groups and measure 16 inches long.  They have a soft, smooth brown-colored fur with black spots, a gray or white belly, large eyes and ears, a scaly tail, and a pointed nose. Roof rats are widely common in Syracuse homes and can wreak havoc inside your property, if you have spotted these animals in your home, call professional rodent removal Syracuse NY experts.

Rodent Control Now prides itself on solving your rodent problem. Our project begins with conducting a thorough household inspection to spot the most common entryways and infestation sites. We take steps to prevent a roof rat infestation.

Rodent Control: How To Prevent Rat Problem

The prevention starts with sealing up any holes or crevices with silicone caulk. Trimming the trees and shrubs is important to make it difficult for rodents to climb on terrace and enter your property. It is equally important to cut back limbs hanging over the roof. When taking steps to remove rats from home, garbage and bins must be kept clean so as to cut off the food sources for rats. You may even want to clean up any fruit that falls from trees into the yard.

Rats are also attracted to pet food. So it is crucial to store pet food in sealed containers. Rodents may also be easily attracted to outdoor sources of water. It is important to take care of pet water dishes, leaky sprinkler heads, or any other water sources, such as birdbaths. If you suspect a roof rat infestation, calling licensed rat control experts in Syracuse NY is important to get rid of infestation.

Do chemical repellents solve the rat problem?

Well, at Rodent Control Now, we believe that rats object to some types of odors and tastes. However, chemical repellents are not the best solution to rat infestations. All of these chemicals may have a temporary effect in controlling rat problem. Some people resort to using ammonia or moth balls in enclosed areas as a rodent removal solution and these are not too effective against rats.

Leave it to the Rodent Control Pros

It is a mistake to deal with the rodent problem on your own. However, it is best to take steps to prevent infestation.  You may find it tough to try and control the problem on your own. Most DIY rodent removal projects do not help with complete extermination.

The job is better left to professionals as they have the right knowledge, tools, and training for the safe removal of pests. Rat control pros know what works best in a specific area and how to control a particular species of rats.

So if you are concerned about an infestation in your home or office, get in touch with a licensed, local exterminator. Rodent Control Now is one of the leading names in the rat removal Syracuse NY industry. We can help you in the proper identification and treatment of the rat problem.

Why Choose Rodent Control Now

Rodents love to hide in the attic of your house. They find your abode as a safe haven for hiding and food. Our rat control project starts with inspections, from ground to roof, and spot signs of damage in your property.

Rodent removal projects are incomplete without assessing damage, attic restoration, rat extermination, and odor control. Not only this, our focus remains on the humane removal of the wildlife, which is equally effective at nipping the rodent problem in the bud and taking steps accordingly. We will thoroughly inspect both inside and outside your home for signs of burrows, rodent droppings, and rub marks. The goal is to look for possible entry points and seal cracks.

We have the utmost respect and love for our wildlife. However, we do understand that these critters can do extensive damage to your home or office. we believe in making the human-wildlife experience fun. Our true passion lies in the safe and quick removal of rodents from your Syracuse home or office.

As a team of licensed wildlife specialists, we are dedicated to purging your space off rodents. We will also take steps to permanently keep wild animals, pests, and rodents from your home. in doing so, it is our desire to make your property healthy, safe, and nuisance wildlife-free.

Here’s our process of rat removal:

Trapping, Exclusion, Removal

After we have identified animal species in your home, we focus on trapping, exclusion, and removal. This could meal trapping the rodents in live cage traps. We obey state and local laws and follow the most humane approach to rat removal.

Repairs are a crucial step in the wildlife removal process. Repairing the rat damage is vital, but the work is only half complete if there is room for future infestation. We believe that it makes no sense to leave their entry/exit points for further infestations. Remember, rats or rodents need just a tiny hole to sneak into your home. As the highest-rated rodent control professionals, we have a deep understanding of rodent behavior and how they invade residential and commercial buildings. Our focus remains on resolving rodent problems once and for all so you never have to deal with rat infestation again.

Our rat control professionals believe that our job is not complete if 100% of the entry points are not found and sealed shut with sealants that rodents cannot chew easily.

Attic Decontamination

Cleaning and decontamination of the attic is an important step of the rodent removal strategy. Once we’ve removed the rats, our experts focus on decontaminating and sanitizing all nooks and crannies for urine, droppings, oils, hair, food, and nesting material. Unless the area is decontaminated, the remnants might attract insects and other wild animals to sneak into your house.

The job does not end unless we have removed or vacuumed all droppings or cleaned the soiled insulation. The purpose is to destroy any organic matter in the attic and to purge it.

Our team of rat control Syracuse NY professionals does not leave your property without repairing the damage and electrical cables, insulation, and pipes.

With Rodent Control Now, you have a lifetime guarantee on our repairs. We back out work with the promise of keeping your property safe from future animal entry.

If you have spotted gnawing or heard squeaking or scratching sound in the walls, then it could be a possible rodent problem. We know what the favorite spots of different types of rats are and where they prefer to hide. Our team specializes in removing rats from every nook and cranny! You can trust the task of rat removal in Syracuse NY to our team.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are concerned about an infestation, get in touch with our licensed, local exterminators to get the job done and get rid of pest problem. We are qualified to do the job of rat control and will be happy to connect. We are just a call away!