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When a mole starts up on the site, it can seriously harm the plants. Moles do not feed on plants but eat animal food. But they can damage the roots of vegetables and garden plants quite significantly. If the roots of vegetable or horticultural crops are in the path of moles when they dig wormholes, then irreparable harm can be done to them. And wormholes, of course, spoil the view of a garden, a flat lawn, and flower beds.

Mole Removal

It should be admitted for objectivity that the mole brings certain benefits by eating the larvae of beetles, caterpillars, slugs, and other plant pests. To some extent, it also helps to loosen the ground. On the other hand, the mole eats earthworms, which is very important for the land. Taking into account the danger to the roots and the presence of earthen slides on the site, it can be argued that the harm from finding moles outweighs the benefits from them. And the fight against moles is becoming relevant for all owners of sites on which these animals have appeared.

It should be noted that moles are quite fertile. At one time, the female brings 4-5, and sometimes 7-8 moles. After a month and a half, they cannot be distinguished by their appearance from adult moles, respectively; they are capable of causing the same damage.


Moles can be removed in different ways. Someone uses a mole trap. True, for traps to be effective, they must be skillfully and very carefully set. Wormholes are used to place a mole trap, but it is vital to keep in mind that these animals are susceptible to odors.

Therefore, they can simply crawl past the trap; bypass a foreign object by smelling it. Usually, two-mole traps are placed side by side, deployed in different directions. This makes it more likely that the mole will be caught, which means that the protection against moles will be more effective.

And yet, you should be prepared for the fact that with the help of traps, the fight against moles can be carried out with varying degrees of success. If moles have settled on your site, their destruction using mole traps will likely take on a protracted nature. This is even more likely if you are not skilled at setting traps.

Not everyone knows that if you manage to catch a live mole with a mole catcher’s help and simply move it away from the site, it will still die from the stress experienced. The mole is a very vulnerable animal; its nervous system cannot cope with the consequences of such a situation.


Mole removal requires patience, specific knowledge, and experience. Sufficient efficiency is demonstrated by:

Special Poisons

The site is dug up, and in parallel with this, suitable preparations are laid in the ground. The method is not without its drawbacks; since these substances are absorbed by plants’ root system, all fruits become poisonous over time. Also, the poison can be eaten not only by moles but also by pets and birds.

Catching with Traps

This is a more time-consuming but also a less dangerous method of dealing with moles. During several treatments, the population of animals in the territory can be minimized.

Contrary to popular belief, unpleasant odors, electromagnetic and ultrasonic radiation do not scare away moles. Buying such remedies for mole removal is a waste of money. Also, the Rodent Control Syracuse specialists could not find a single reliable confirmation of the effectiveness of folk remedies for moles.

How Can Rodent Control Syracuse Help You In Mole Removal?

Many commercial products are not effective in controlling moles. To get rid of moles, it is better to take a professional approach to a competent specialist’s problem.

Rodent Control Syracuse experts know how to provide the right solution, depending on the infestation’s degree, the surface, and the topography of the land, to solve your problem.


Moles can damage lawns, gardens, walkways, public green spaces, and athletic fields. They quickly take possession of spaces due to their ability to dig tunnels up to 4 meters per hour to create complex burrow networks.

Deteriorating your green spaces can be costly for gardeners and businesses that rely on manicured grounds, lawns, or gardens.

Calling a professional mole removal specialist will help you find a suitable method to remove this problem from your environment. Call on Rodent Control Syracuse for a tailor-made quote.

A persistent problem with moles requires professional struggle. Our specialists offer different effective treatments to solve each mole problem depending on your problem. Rodent Control Syracuse has a service that specializes in combating moles and other pest problems. Our service is fast and efficient and offers the highest security level for your home and work environment. For further advice or a visit from a Rodent Control Syracuse specialist, dial the free number 315-322-7924 or send us an email with your request.