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squirrel removal in syracuse NY

Squirrels are commonly found in attic and insulation. They are playful creatures but quite mischievous and jump from one spot to another in a jiffy. These little daredevils are very clever and acrobatic and love to stash their food in a quiet and secure place, where they can hide and get shelter from weather elements. As attics meet these requirements, squirrels build their nests here and raise their babies. Flying squirrels, gray squirrels, red squirrels, and fox squirrels are the common squirrel species that infest attics in New York. Rodent Control Now specializes in squirrel removal in Syracuse NY.

The professionals know how to remove squirrel infestation and the best ways of doing so. They are also aware of the need for proper sealing in highly vulnerable areas for the full home exclusion process, without which the squirrel removal project is incomplete. Connect with our squirrel removal specialists to learn about the extent of infestation in your property and the type of steps needed for permanent squirrel removal.

The squirrel exclusion process includes removing entrances created by these acrobatic creatures. Professionals identify vulnerable areas, such as air conditioning vents, walls, and trim that are preferred hiding points for squirrels. Squirrel control professionals also focus on identifying gaps and holes in the structures that can be easily taken advantage of by squirrels to hide.

Signs of Squirrel Infestation

  • Squirrels running on utility lines that lead inside your home.
  • Squirrels entering holes in the exterior or chimney.
  • Large nests in trees and tree trunks surrounding your abode.
  • Chew marks on the trim or structural beams.
  • Divots in the yard used by squirrels as food hideouts.
  • Missing plant bulbs.
  • Damaged bird feeders.
  • Regular scenes of squirrels fighting in your lawn.
  • Squirrel droppings in the attic. If you cannot identify droppings, call in the squirrel removal expert to identify and remove them.
  • Noises in the attic, vents, walls, chimney, or crawlspace.

These are some of the most common signs of a squirrel infestation. Rodent Control Now professionals are aware of other signs that homeowners might not be able to identify or spot. So it is in your best interests to contact local squirrely and animal removal specialists to diagnose and deal with the squirrel problem.

Rodent Control Now’s Squirrel Removal Process

We are your go-to squirrel removal company that practices humane squirrel trapping services. As professionals in the business of pest removal, we understand that it can be extremely frustrating for residents to spot these diurnal animals in their attic. Squirrels being naught animals do not sit silently; rather, they are always heard jumping, scratching, vocalizing, and nesting.

If you hear squirrels making different sounds, it is likely that there is more than one animal on your property. Nursing squirrels are the toughest to deal with as they will try to get back to their babies if separated from them. They are known to chew through shingles, metal cages, and pipes, and just about anything to regain control.

Therefore, a complete understanding of squirrel behavior is quintessential to removal. Our Squirrel Removal Specialists understand squirrel tendencies and follow a safe, humane approach to remove these creatures from your attic.

What is Squirrel Removal Process

As a professional animal control team, we swear by our squirrel removal process to help homeowners get rid of these creatures. We follow multiple steps to ensure the safe removal of squirrels. In doing so, we take steps to ensure they do not make your attic their home again.

The process begins with identifying the number of squirrels on your property. It also involves looking for vulnerable entry points that these tiny creatures use to sneak in.

The next step is to gauge the extent of damage to your attic. We also try to assess whether these creatures have damaged the wiring, cables, and ductwork. As squirrel removal Syracuse NY professionals, we understand their behavior that these creatures use more than one entry and exit point to prevent attacks from predators. We have closely observed squirrels making several entry and exit points in the attic so predators cannot prey upon them. If they sense danger, they will use another entry-exit point.

Rodent Removal NOW specialists are focused on permanently resolving squirrel infestation in your attic. Our squirrel removal approach is simple yet highly effective.

Squirrel Control & Removal Steps

Closing Entry Points

Since squirrels use too many points to enter your attic, we begin with shutting all of these primary vulnerable areas.  We also identify secondary entry points that squirrels may use to enter if they smell danger from the main entryway.

Since ours is a humane approach to squirrel removal in Syracuse NY, we focus on controlling the squirrel population without harming them. We prefer to fasten a live cage over the primary entryway, so the entire family of squirrels enters the cage easily. This is meant to allow an entire family to leave the property, so the mother squirrel will leave the attic with her babies.

Attic Decontamination Fogging Treatment

At Rodent Control Now, we believe that animal removal is not complete unless the vulnerable area is decontaminated. Our focus is on breaking down squirrel urine and feces and kill any insects that might have been brought into your property by squirrels or attracted to their waste. Our animal control team leverages the best attic decontamination services to purge your property of squirrel waste. This includes urine, feces, nesting sites, and debris created by these tiny creatures. We will also perform fogging treatment in the attic to sanitize the area.

Attic restoration

We leave no vulnerable space for squirrels to re-enter your space.  So we believe in doing complete inspection and restoration to find where squirrels have chewed upon. The goal is to locate any electrical wiring or air conditioning ductwork vulnerable to infestation. The inspection helps us find any more damage caused by squirrel infestation. Squirrels can chew through metal and even the thickest wood to infiltrate your space. These cautious creatures are highly clever in avoiding traps.

Unfortunately, squirrel infestation not only makes it tough to live with these creatures in your attic but also exposes your property to a fire risk. Remember, squirrels chew cables. If they chew a wire, it exposes copper in the cable, making it an extreme fire hazard.

Call in the Rodent Control Now professionals today to speed up your squirrel removal in the Syracuse NY project.