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Frequently Asked Questions About Squirrel Removal

A reliable pest management company can come to your rescue to remove squirrels from your abode. Mothballs are illegal so you cannot start a DIY squirrel removal with a hope to get rid of the naughty rodents. At best, you may try trapping squirrels or sealing up holes that provide them free entry into your property. But you can do this only when you are sure that there are no squirrels in the holes or attic. Otherwise baby squirrels will stay in your home while the holes are sealed and their mothers will try to do everything they can to sneak in again. Some squirrel species are highly excitable and can wreak havoc if trapped inside the home. They knock down anything that comes their way. 

Trapping or caging is another way to get rid of squirrels. But unless you are an expert, it is challenging to trap the pesky animals. At Rodent Control Now, we believe in complete elimination of squirrels from your property. This involves sealing and blocking holes that provide them with a free entry.

A professional animal control business in Syracuse NY is aware of the different squirrel species. They can identify them from their noise, color, or habits.

Our experience tells that usually there are 1-5 squirrels in an attic. The number could be more if there are juvenile squirrels. In the case of flying squirrels, you might be surprised to see a greater number. Rodent Control Now team has even spotted 20 flying squirrels in the attic.

Well, we do not consider trapping as a permanent solution unless all other steps have been taken. This includes removal, exclusion, and clean up. Squirrel removal alone will not work unless the entry points are closed. Their odor will be an invitation to other pests.

Using mothballs is not a good idea. A mothball treatment is effective only if you spread them in all areas of the attic. Remember, mothballs will release heavy fumes, which could be toxic for humans as well and may trigger sore throats and headaches. Besides, mothballs were not meant to deter squirrels.

If you make an attempt at blocking a hole that squirrels use as an entryway, you could find yourself in some trouble later. Imagine these tiny rodents are inside your attic and you seal the holes. Squirrels will not wait to chew around the patch material. Trapped squirrels will chew their way into the living room. Or they may die trapped in the attic or inside the walls. It will get really tough to handle this situation. You will need professional help to get rid of decaying squirrel carcass from the attic or walls. Rodent Control Now can help you get rid of squirrels safely without hassle. We follow a safe and effective animal removal process.

If you spot signs of squirrel infestation in the backyard, you are probably angry at these naughty rodents for eating bird feeders and plants. In that situation, you might try to trap them, which is not easy though since there are hundreds of squirrels in every neighbourhood. You cannot trap each squirrel, can you?

Instead, you might want to buy a squirrel proof bird feeder to prevent these pesky animals from ruining the yard and feed. Or try to find a new spot to place the feeders where squirrels can’t reach. Better still, consult with Rodent Control Now for a better solution to the squirrel problem.

Squirrel infestation can prove to be a frustrating experience for homeowners. These little rodents love to chew on electrical wires, which poses a high risk of fire hazard. They do not stop at this. Squirrels can easily chew boards and shingles, which threatens the structural integrity of roofs. You could soon have a leaking roof. They can build nests inside the attic and leave their droppings inside your bathroom. Do they stop here? No, they can chew on HVAC equipment and insulation, adversely affecting the thermal effectiveness of your property. 

Chipmunks can go a step further and make your crawlspace walls their tunnel.

Humane squirrel removal is the need of the hour if baby squirrels are spotted in the attic.

No, these devices are good for nothing, especially when it comes to keeping squirrels and chipmunks at bay. Unfortunately, animals can easily get used to the sound and chemical repellents and remain unmoved when you use them to shoo them away. They continue to do the damage to your property as such devices prove completely infective at keeping the squirrel menace at bay. Instead you should look for professional help to get rid of these naughty critters.

Rodent Control Now professionals can help you make your property squirrel resistant by taking a few necessary steps. We understand squirrel behavior and are experienced at handling their infestation and removal.

Our professionals focus on the importance of sealing every gap and crack, leaving no hole or vent in the house to ensure effective squirrel removal and prevention. We pay special attention to the ceiling where fascia boards connect the decking. We make sure no gap is left, which could make your home prone to squirrel attack again.

Besides, as a homeowner, you should take regular precautions to keep your home squirrel proof. Cap your chimney to prevent rodents from falling into your kitchen. Sometimes, they can even make a nest in a corner in the chimney.

Besides, you want to make sure that all tree branches are trimmed. Remember, to keep them at least 10 feet from the roof to prevent rodents from finding their way into your home.

Your yard may send out an open invitation for squirrels and chipmunks. If you have a squirrel problem, let Rodent Control Now experts check your property to identify the vulnerabilities that attracted squirrels to your home. Probably there are some serious flaws that must be taken care of to prevent squirrel infestation in the future. It is important to inspect the property for any holes, vents or openings that make your home look like a safe haven to rodents. Squirrel removal professionals can inspect the property to find out these vulnerabilities.

Well, it is possible to catch multiple squirrels if traps are placed closer to each other. In fact, when one squirrel is caught, she is more likely to exhibit agitated behaviour. As a result, other squirrels might get interested in the traps.

The attic is a warm spot for squirrels to raise their young and hide food. They love to build their nest in the attic and chimneys as they find these a safe place for their babies. You might be surprised to learn that your abode is as inviting to wildlife as you.

Well, when squirrel removal professionals are at work, they will do best to safely capture all naughty rodents. Trapping is an art, which is best practiced by experts. Some of the indicators include an unused nesting site. An untouched bait shows that there are no more squirrels in the attic. You can no longer hear the weird sound or noise that was quite commonly heard all day and night long from the roof or ceiling or attic. There are no new chew marks or droppings spotted anywhere. As professionals, we will make sure there are no longer any squirrels in your property. We will not hesitate to install a funnel trap that makes way for the exit while there is no entry point. When squirrels try to exit through this route, they get caught.

Well, different species of squirrels and chipmunks wake at different times of the day. While some get up early in the morning and get to work right away, others wake up at sunset and are active all through the night. That means if there is a squirrel problem at home with both species of rodents, you will get to hear them all through the day and night.

Squirrels are most likely to sneak in through a gap between the roof decking and fascia. Even worse, squirrels can easily chew holes and roof vents to infiltrate your abode from points that intersect roofs. Squirrels are happy to attack rotten wood to enter your space.

Well, this depends on the species of squirrels that have infested your home. if it is a gray squirrel infestation, the number could be anywhere between one and six. On the other hand, there may be either one flying squirrel or a number of these naughty creatures.

Different species of squirrels are known to do inflict different types of damage. While gray squirrel infestation is more likely to result in chewed cables and wiring, which poses a fire hazard. They can also do extreme damage to the insulation and can tear it apart for nesting material. Worst still, they will defecate all over. In worst situations, urine staining is a common sight on exterior walls of the house. Other signs include urine stains on walls.

Often squirrels give birth during spring in the months from March to June. Squirrel removal professionals will take all precautions to ensure that juvenile squirrels are not left behind. At Rodent Control Now, we understand squirrel behaviour since we work with them every single day. This gives us an idea about the stages of juvenile squirrels. Better still, we have a good idea and experience of removing them safely from your property.

Well, it’s easier said than done. Squirrel removal is the work of professionals who are experts at safely handling the problem. Rodent Control Now safely handles the squirrel problem, following a humane approach to removal. We believe that killing an animal is not the best thing to do.

We are a licensed animal removal company that handles the task of pest control with care. at Rodent Control Now, we understand that rodents can cause all sorts of damage to your interiors and exteriors. While they can ruin your interiors and become a cause of infection and disease, they can spoil the exteriors, plants, and bird feeders. Squirrels look cute and cuddly but can be very naughty and easily become a nuisance, especially if they make your home theirs. Do not let these naughty rodents feel safe in your abode and take precautionary measures to keep them at bay. 

Rodent Control Now believes that squirrel infestation can pose a health hazard to Syracuse NY residents. We have the license to remove these pesky animals from your property without damaging your assets or injuring or harming kids or pests. Our squirrel removal team takes all precautions to make the process smooth, safe, and hassle free for homeowners and/or inhabitants. 

At Rodent Control Now, we are committed to helping you get rid of squirrels from your attic, deck, roof, or chimney. We have received the required training and leverage safe, specific techniques to address a squirrel problem in Syracuse NY that requires a comprehensive inspection of the site. Once we have carried out squirrel exclusion, the next step is to prevent its recurrence by sealing, blocking, and patching squirrel entryways.