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The question that there will be in your mind while reading this title is What are Skunks? Are they dangerous? Will they harm us? And many more. Let’sLet’s discuss these questions before discussing the removal techniques.

Skunks are animals that are non-aggressive and mild-mannered. For their dinner, they prefer small animals and insects only. Sometimes they visit the garden that has corn and other plants that they like. They usually are in the south and north America or in the rural areas.

Skunk Removal

Across the country, there are four species of skunks. These species include striped skunks, spotted skunks, hooded skunks, and hog-nosed skunks. From these four, the most common are the striped skunks that mostly live in spare fields and forests.

Skunks are very good to have around as they dig up and also feed on the larvae of the Japanese beetles, cutworms, hornworms, and other insects that destroyed the crops. These not only eat insects but also eat leaves, buds, garbage, grains, and fruit/berries within their reach. They also disturb the plants while digging, which makes them not good for gardeners. 

They can be noticed by their smell too, and they are very smelly because of their smelly spray that is called musk. This musk is not easy to ignore. This prey comes out of their two glands near the base of their tail. This can hit 3.7 meters away. 

Skunks are nocturnal, which means they find food at night and sleep in their dens lined with leaves in the morning time—birds like owl prey on skunks. Most of the scientists believe that because the birds don’t have good power to smell, which results in a useless spray of skunks.




The smell is what usually makes a person release that there are skunks in their garden. Moreover, this smell is due to the spray. The striped skunks have white stripes on his back and black fur on the rest of his body. It’sIt’s about a house cat and is the most common species of skunks in the US.

Spotted Skunks are small in size and white spots with black fur. Skunks have small legs and large feet with claws that help them to dig perfectly. Tracks can also be helpful to identify skunks.

People usually make mistakes between skunks and raccoons because both of them have five toes. Sometimes it really becomes very hard to see the fifth toe in skunk tracks. Their heels are not visible in their tracks, and their claws somewhat are visible. Skunk dropping also contained undigested food too.



  • The first method is the use of a mixture of dishwashing detergent and Castrol oil in water. Skunks will find this smell very offensive. Spray this mixture in the night in the place where skunks are when they are not around.
  • Most of the animals that include skunks don’t like the smell of citrus fruits. Place orange and lemon peels where the skunks used to stay in your yard as a natural repellent.
  • You can also use the urine of predators can also be to repel skunks. Use a good source for predator urine and make sure the animals are treated humanely.
  • Many of the people had also found successful output by placing ammonia around the garden.
  • If the garden place is not very large, then you can place bars of strongly smelling soaps near the garden as skunks hate the strong smell.
  • If nothing works, then you can try following the steps mentioned below or directly contact us for professional help so that we can trap them and transport them to some other place.


  • You have already read that skunks love finding grubs in your garden. So, one of the best methods to prevent skunks is to treat your lawn which will make their most loved snack disappear. This will make the skunks escape from the garden. Spray your garden with beneficial nematodes or milky spore disease. This will result in control of the Beatles.
  • Fencing, as mentioned previously, is a great idea for smaller gardens or lawns.
  • If you don’t want them to live under your shed, try sealing the areas with chicken wires. Leave one-foot wire on the ground so that the structure gets extended to prevent skunks from digging under for the entering purpose.

Steps to Get rid of Skunks:

We have already done research on what skunks are, how they look like, and the preventions that can help you to remove them. If you are still facing trouble, then try these steps by which you can get rid of the skunks.

Step 1: Take a Repellent system that is electronic.

Ultrasonic sprays of water and pulses that are emitted from electronic repellent systems are able to repel all types of animals from your garden. Our team will visit your location with these repellent systems.Skunk Removal

Step 2: Use of bright lights 

As mentioned before, Skunks are nocturnal animals which means they find their food at night, so their eyes are also very sensitive to light. By the use of motion-activated light, these skunks will get scared and will escape from your gardens.

Step 3: Modify Skunk’sSkunk’s habitat

By blocking the access of these skunks is a good idea. This can be done by the fencing technique. The use of concrete, chicken wire, sheet metal, or wood to closer the opening is best.

Step 4: Remove the food source 

Removal of the food for the skunks can also be a good method. Skunks feed on the larvae of insects that are found in gardens. We can eliminate these food sources to remove them.

Step 5: Call in the professionals

Sometimes by all these methods also you can get any solution. The best option for the moment is to contact us. We are always there to help you out. We will remove these skunks with our professional techniques and make sure you will not suffer this problem in the near future. 

Why We?

If you have tried all these methods but still unable to get rid of the skunks, just give us a call. At Rodent Control Now, we will send our team to your location to remove these skunks and will guarantee no further skunks in your garden.