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Make Your Home Rodents-free with Rodent Control Now

Rodent Proofing ServicesAre you having a hard time getting your home or commercial property rodent-free? Then you surely need help from our effective rodent proofing services. Here at Rodent Control Now, we commit ourselves to assist you in getting rid of mice, rats, raccoons, or any other rodent who might be residing in your attic.

Rodent proofing is not something that can be done easily and by anyone. It requires experience and knowledge of the pest control industry along with the understanding of what it takes to outsmart these creatures. Rodents are constantly on the lookout for defects in our buildings and when they find one, they settle in. That’s why we have everything to carry out successful rodent proofing of your house. From using the right tools and gears to executing the necessary steps, we will come and exclude rodents from the deepest corners of your home structure.

How will we carry out rodent-proofing in your building?

When you choose us for your home rodent proofing, we will ensure through dedicated proofing that your home is 100% safer for you and your family by getting rid of disease-carrying rodents effectively. And how we are going to do? Go through the following steps to find out:

  • Examine the Current Situation

Our rodent proofing expert will firstly examine the current condition of your house. We will cover your attic, corridors, and every other place in the house to determine the infiltrated areas and the source of the problem. By understanding the situation at hand, we will be able to perform our job much more conveniently and come up with better results too.

  • Assign a team to work with you

After we have determined the source, we will have a team, work closely with you to deal with the rodents without affecting or damaging your property. When carrying out rodent proofing of your house we will take you through every step and involve you in the process to give you a better idea of the work.

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing

Next, our professionals will clean your attic with the help of a commercial vacuum to ensure deep cleaning of the space. Once the attic is cleaned completely, we will fully sanitize the room with a fogger.

  •   Wrap up the Containment

Lastly, our job doesn’t just end at cleaning and sanitizing your attic. After the professionals at Rodent Control are done with these mentioned steps, they will clean up the containment along with any mess created during rodent proofing at the job site. When we go, we are going to leave the place exactly how it was before, rather safer than that.

Your Role in Effective Rodent Proofing

Our job is to facilitate you with expert rodent proofing service but as a homeowner, you have an important role to play in it as well. Your role is to be VIGILANT!

The problem of mice and other rodents in houses in New York is not new, so the moment you hear scraping noises coming from your attic or suspect that rodents could be residing in your house, call us as soon as possible. Remember the more you delay, the more damage these rodents could cause. And we are not only talking about property damage here, you could be inviting a few major health issues as well.

Rodents, especially mice and rats, carry diseases such as leptospirosis, hantavirus, salmonella food poisoning, and more that can be transmitted to humans. Therefore, you need immediate rodent proofing for your house to make sure that you keep away from these diseases and live in a healthy environment. Ignoring or delaying the rodent proofing service is only going to lead to bigger problems for you.

Why Choose Us For Rodent Proofing Services?

Our significant experience in the field of pest control allows us to not only get rid of rodents for now but also prevent them from coming back, saving your time, effort, and hard-earned money for the future. We know precisely where this problem starts and that it could emerge again. That’s why after the rodent proofing is done, we will block and seal all the entry points ensuring it doesn’t happen again.

In case, your home or any other of your property is rodents compromised, don’t wait any longer. Reach out to the experts at Rodent Control Now. It’s now time to say goodbye to rodents once and for all!