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Rodent Control in Bartlett, TN

Rodent infestations is one of the major concerns of many  Bartlett homeowners, residents, and commercial caretakers. Rodents, like Rats, mice, squirrels and raccoons leave their urine and feces that contain harmful parasites and bacterias. Not only that, they contaminate the food and other nearby materials along with structural damage to your Bartlett  property.

They are small and make their way into your house through every nook, crook, and barrier and then chew off the electrical wires or insulation, resulting in catastrophic house fires in Bartlett. Our Rodent Control Bartlett team understand these problems and we apply the latest techniques and best practices.

Rodent Control Strategy Employed

As already discussed above, rodents in Bartlett cause a lot of damage to the properties every year. Our Rodent Control Bartlett team has found some effective ways to prevent damage and stop them from entering your Bartlett home.

Block Entryways: This is an effective rodent control method used by our Bartlett specialists. This ensures that there are no rodents like rats and mice entering your property. We do a thorough inspection of the cracks, creeks, crevices, nooks, and other openings in the walls and windows. We also use top-grade sealant to seal away the major entranceways. We cover the window panels, wooden doors to stop the rodents from entering and chew through the insulation.
Prevent External Access of your Bartlett Property: The overgrown weeds, plants, trees, and other vegetation types act as a great source of food for various rodents like rats and mice. It would be best if you regularly trim tree branches so that they don’t get to close to your Bartlett home or property. Some wildlife animals like squirrels and skunks are excellent climbers and find their way into your house through the electric poles, wires, and tree branches. Eliminate all the weeds growing in different areas and cut the vegetation at low levels. Do not keep the food out overnight. Stop  rodents from getting access to the garbage and keep the trash bags sealed with closed lids. Contact our Bartlett Rodent Control Now team if you suspect critters in your garbage area.
Remove Inside Attractors: Keeping your Bartlett home or business sanitized is the most important step for proper rodent control. It is estimated that rats need about 30 to 60 grams of food every night, while mice need less food. Please do not keep food out in the open that may attract nearby insects and pests. Keep  food covered in airtight containers or at the very least in pantry boxes or refrigerators. Use a vacuum cleaner and keep the floors clean. Rats and mice enter other parts of the houses like paper and cardboard boxes.

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We have expert teams in the Bartlett area, and we it easy for our customers to reach out to us. No matter where you are our Bartlett experts are ready to tackle your rodent problems immediately.

As mentioned above, preventing access to food is just the first step to remove wildlife animals away from your home. We at Rodent Control Now believe that choosing a multi-step approach for wildlife removal is a more effective method.

Using traps and baits can also turn out to be effective. However, if you prefer to not go at it alone, feel free to reach out to our Rodent Control experts to ensure that these animals and pests are not only removed, but stay away from your Bartlett home.

Additionally, you should consider a checkup of your attic as these are the places where rodents and other wildlife animals find favorable conditions for nest building. We regularly clean and sanitize every part of your home to ensure there is no threat of any diseases from animals who have cozied up in your Bartlett home.

Call Rodent Control Now and request an appointment with us.  Our team will guide you through the entire process and give you the best possible solutions for rodent removal needs