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How to Keep Mice Out of Your Garden Shed

No one wants to find a family of mice making a home in their garden shed. Their gnawing can destroy machinery, wiring, and wooden structures. Plus, they can also carry diseases. While these creatures may seem small and harmless, when uncontrolled, they can cause considerable damage to your garden shed. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to keep mice out of your garden shed.

1. Keep Your Shed Clean

The first step to keeping mice out of your garden shed is to clean it regularly and thoroughly. Like most pests, mice are attracted to places where they can find food easily. Therefore, any food or even traces of food can attract them to your shed. Store any food, especially bird and pet food, in airtight containers or better still, store them somewhere other than the shed. Also, avoid any water collection in your shed as it can be a water source for mice. Regularly cleaning and decluttering your shed makes it less hospitable to mice, who prefer hidden, undisturbed spaces. Therefore, make sure to remove or, at the very least, regularly move and clean items, especially those stored on the floor or against the walls. Such actions will deter mice from setting up their nests.

2. Seal All Entry Points

Mice are adaptable and can fit through surprisingly small holes. A hole as small as a quarter inch in diameter is enough for mice to squeeze through and gain access to your shed. To ensure your garden shed stays mouse-proof, observe your shed’s structure carefully and close any cracks and crevices with caulk or steel wool. For larger holes or gaps, you can use hardware cloth or metal sheeting. Besides, check for spaces around doors and windows, as these areas can provide easy access for mice. Ensure that all doors and windows close tightly and fit properly in their frames. If necessary, replace damaged seals.

3. Use Traps and Repellents

If you have a recurring mouse problem, consider using mouse traps in and around your garden shed. Traditional snap traps are typically effective, but there are also plenty of humane trap options if you prefer not to kill the mice. Regardless of the type of trap you choose, bait it with high-protein foods like peanut butter, since a piece of cheese, contrary to popular belief, is not the best lure. If you are using traps, remember to check them daily.

If you prefer to deter rather than catch, there are multiple repellents on the market made from natural ingredients that may keep mice away. Peppermint oil is often said to deter mice who dislike its strong scent and can be applied to cotton balls that you scatter around the shed. You can also invest in ultrasonic repellents, which emit a high-frequency sound, that is said to deter rodents from entering your space.


Keeping mice out of your garden shed doesn’t necessarily require harsh extermination methods. By applying the preventative measures mentioned above – regular cleaning, properly sealing all entry points, and using traps or repellents – you can effectively keep your garden shed free of these nuisance pests. However, if you have a severe infestation, do not hesitate to seek assistance from professional pest control services. Remember, the best way to deal with a mouse problem is to stop it before it starts. By keeping your garden shed clean and in good repair, you can help ensure that you won’t be hosting unwanted rodents anytime soon.