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How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Roof

If you find squirrels romping on your roof or scrambling around the edges, you’re not alone. These animals can become a severe annoyance if left unchecked, causing damage to your property while creating noise. They can gnaw on wooden beams, eat the birdseed from your bird feeders, nibble on your home-grown fruits, or even chew through electric wires. This article will provide several useful tips on how to keep these agile creatures off your roof effectively. Remember, while suggesting these deterrent methods, we are advocating non-lethal ways, thereby ensuring the animals are not harmed.

Firstly, the primary step includes discovering the reason why squirrels might be attracted towards your roof. Do you have bird feeders filled with delicious seeds? Or are there tall trees close to your roof that act as bridges? Try to look for these attractions and address them effectively. If you have bird feeders, consider relocating them away from your house or buy squirrel-proof feeders. Trim the branches of trees close to your house to ensure they can’t hop onto your roof. Also, ensure that your trash cans are tightly closed to avoid attracting squirrels and other pests. As a rule of thumb, make your property less attractive for squirrels, and you will naturally deter them.

Next, consider employing specific deterrent devices. These can include either physical devices such as spiked strips which can be harmless but uncomfortable for the squirrels and thereby discourage them, or chemical solutions. Chemical repellents are typically non-toxic to both squirrels and humans, creating an unpleasant smell or taste that keeps the squirrels away. These repellents can be sprayed or placed around the areas where the squirrels usually frequent. Talk with local pest control stores or online retailers to find the highest-rated solutions.

Other mechanical repellents such as ultrasonic devices can also be effective. These devices emit a high-frequency sound that is uncomfortable to squirrels but is not detectable by human ears. Similarly, motion-activated sprinklers can serve as a harmless and effective way to keep squirrels at bay – the sudden burst of water will startle and drive them away. These deterrents have proved very effective for many homeowners, but their success rates may vary.

Lastly, it’s crucial to ensure the squirrels haven’t built nests in your house. This is because if a nest is present, it becomes significantly harder to deter the animals. Check your attic and any secluded corners of your house. If you notice any nests, consider contacting a professional, as removing squirrel nests can be tricky. They can potentially carry diseases, and there is also the concern of inadvertently separating baby squirrels from their mother. Pest control services usually provide humane eviction and can appropriately seal up your house to prevent future invasions.

In conclusion, keeping squirrels off your roof requires a multi-faceted approach that includes making your property less attractive to them, using several deterrent devices, and finally ensuring no nests exist within your home. Implement these preventive strategies, always keeping in mind the welfare of the animals. In the worst-case scenario, don’t hesitate to contact a professional pest control service who can handle the situation humanely and effectively. We share our environment with these creatures, and it’s essential to find a balance where humans and wildlife can co-exist.

By deepskyobject on 2021-12-11 19:28:14